[the teacher] put down the depression grammar and taste the literary emotion.

One of the courses I teach is an introduction to western literature. In the first class, I always ask my classmates to describe their impression of "literature" with one or two adjectives. I almost

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There is a deep meaning in the fairy tale.

Many students think that the English section only has grammar and sentence structure, which makes them feel very depressed and lose interest in learning. Literature will add interest to the learning

process: when reading stories, we will share the joys and sorrows of the characters, and reflect on our own encounters or larger life issues.

Unfortunately, some students equate reading with reading comprehension exercises and ignoring the pleasure of reading. Some people have avoided the book since childhood, forming a vicious circle: do not

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The only way to break the cycle is to start reading. However, reading is not necessarily a profound masterpiece, but it can be a small story that makes us feel intimate, such as Hans Christian Andersen's

fairy tales.

Some people ask: isn't that for children to read? Original content is not so simple, such as the mermaid princess (TheLittleMermaid), everyone is affected by the Disney animation, thought it was the

princess prince love story, but a more poignant novel original ending: mermaid princess die for love, flying above, uniting the immortal soul.

Like "TheLittleMatchGirl," it doesn't end with a girl dying in the snow. After she dies, she meets her grandmother and arrives in heaven. The original story teaches people in a broken and poor world,

believing in hope and salvation.

In addition, I have once seen the short story of ShelSilverstein with the students of TheGivingTree.

Although they do not perform well in the diploma test, they are weak, but they can enjoy the plot. It talked about a boy and a tree, and when he was growing up, he cut down the tree to build a house in

order to pursue a rich life, until it had only a short cut and a short cut. When he was old, he found himself still lonely, and returned to the tree, and the old tree spared him.

The story is short and profound and explores the spirit of greed and sacrifice in human nature.

There is no shortcut to learning Chinese.

The students who do not normally study in this class, when writing their reflections on the story, discuss the plot from time to time, and the learning atmosphere is better than that of practicing grammar.

When English grammar exercises become boring and repetitive, students may contact the above stories to inject interest and emotion into the study. There is no shortcut to learning Chinese, only to

accumulate reading experience, learn from other people's beautiful words, imitate, and increase their own vocabulary.

Literature makes all the students who are willing to learn English have a sense of thinking and feeling in the process. Therefore, it should not be reserved for the best students in English. A lecturer at

the college of humanities and language.

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